At home and abroad, full spectrum support and innovative solutions for the U.S. government.

Intrepid has played a vital role in supporting the U.S. Department of Defense and national security community. We specialize in making the impossible possible, providing critical support in an array of challenging environments, from natural disasters at home to battlefields abroad.

Intrepid partners at the edge.

Intrepid’s 1,500 employees support enduring, expeditionary and contingency operations at home and in 15 countries abroad. We provide global-scale and agile logistics, infrastructure, information technology, all disciplines of engineering, communications, temporary and permanent power provision/solutions, and air traffic management worldwide. 

At Intrepid we operate at the edge, collaborating directly with our U.S. government partners on missions and to places others lack the expertise or guts to go.

Discover what it takes to be part of Intrepid’s worldwide team. Learn more about Intrepid’s operational expertise below:

Contingency Operations

Intrepid provides comprehensive contingency and expeditionary global support
services, including
power, temporary and permanent facilities, food services,
and long line haul and install
. We’re partners from initiation of mission planning
all the way through conduct of operations.

Air Traffic Management

In austere environments, we serve as the premier provider of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and related services for both military and commercial clients. Our certified personnel excel in controlling aircraft across operational airspace, including roles in RAPCON, Tower, and Area Control Center. We specialize in establishing and maintaining Letters of Agreement (LOA) and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) that seamlessly connect all facilities, airspace, and border countries.

Our expertise extends to Airfield Management, where we ensure efficient functioning of ATCALS (Airfield Traffic Control and Landing Systems) through meticulous maintenance of navigational equipment. Additionally, we offer dedicated support in Meteorology and Navigation, contributing to the overall safety and effectiveness of air operations in challenging and dynamic environments.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Intrepid provides best-in-class global supply chain and logistics support, with expertise
procurement, logistics, and asset management

We integrate Department of Defense and commercial best practices, focusing on 
strategic planning, global alliances, and technology integration to enhance value. We
prioritize customer service, resource stewardship, and supplier relationships, ensuring
compliance, sustainability, and diversity.

Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement positions us as leaders in
global Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Intrepid specializes in managing, maintaining, and operating key national facilities, emphasizing safety and innovation to boost efficiency for our clients.

Our services cater specifically to U.S. Deployed Forces, encompassing Engineering & Construction Support, comprehensive Base Operations, Civil/Structural and Electrical Maintenance, Fire Safety services, Airfield Lighting, and both Temporary and Permanent Power Solutions.

We also excel in providing top-tier Installation/DFAC (dining facility) services, addressing the full range of our clients’ operational needs.

IT and Engineering

Intrepid offers comprehensive IT, Cyber Operations, and Engineering Solutions,
excelling in IT Network Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Systems Engineering to meet
our clients’ unique needs.

Our services include SATCOM and Communications, CBRNE Engineering, Logistics 
advanced Software Development, and ISR Services, enhancing mission
effectiveness with state-of-the-art technology.

Dedicated to technological leadership, we provide unmatched expertise in IT and
Engineering to support DoD’s missions worldwide.