Case Studies



Cambridge, Massachusetts
Working with a biotechnology start-up that is developing novel genome engineering platforms to improve how the next generation of living medicines are discovered, developed, and manufactured, Bekon Bits has supplied software architecture, development, documentation, and testing support for Kytopen's internal team as the company brings its ground-breaking technology to market.


Boston Cell Standards

Boston, Massachusetts

Bekon Bits was consulted by the founder of this Boston-based innovator to automate image and data analysis software tools to help develop calibrators and controls as standardization tools in immunohistochemistry (IHC). After a successful project completion, Bekon Bits was then tasked with development of an online data exchange system to allow pathology labs from across the world to report their findings.



Branford, Connecticut

Focused on utilizing technology based on diagnostic and genomic data to help food producers better understand and manage their supply chain, Ancera initially engaged with Bekon Bits to help optimize machine vision algorithms. The successful execution of this work led to an ongoing, multi-year relationship with the Bekon Bits team providing services ranging from firmware, middleware, GUI development, and most recently, helping Ancera to iterate on the next version of their flagship instrument.


Vital Bio

Toronto, Ontario

The Bekon Bits team was engaged by the makers of a disruptive diagnostic platform to formulate and optimize signal processing algorithms.  Working with Vital Bio data scientists, the team provided expertise in developing algorithms for machine vision, image analysis and data processing applications.  Additionally, Bekon Bits was asked to perform a review of the system architecture and design for the company’s upcoming debut into the diagnostic space.


Clinical Diagnostic Leader

Bekon Bits and Veranex Solutions were engaged by an emerging leader in the field of in-vitro diagnostics that is dedicated to addressing critical unmet needs in healthcare. In the process of developing a next generation instrument with an expanded diagnostic panel, Bekon Bits authored requirements, designed, implemented and tested the software component architecture. The project was completed successfully, on-time and within budget.


High-Throughput Diagnostic Leader

Bekon Bits teamed up with Veranex Solutions to work with a molecular diagnostics company specializing in the development and commercialization of a system for the detection of infectious diseases. Bekon Bits was solely responsible for overseeing the software development for this system, including authoring requirements, designing the architecture, and implementing the software, which included system integration and testing.

Notable collaborations with other clients

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Architecture Review

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